Tore Ulversøy

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Visiting address Gunnar Randers vei 19 None 2007 KJELLER
Postal address Postboks 70 2027 KJELLER

20% position at ITS.


  • Ulversøy, Tore (2010). Software Defined Radio: Challenges and Opportunities. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.  ISSN 1553-877X.  12(4), s 531- 550 . doi: 10.1109/SURV.2010.032910.00019 Show summary

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  • Ulversøy, Tore & Halvorsen, Jonas (2016). An Overview of Policy-Based Spectrum Management for EM Systems.
  • Ulversøy, Tore & Maseng, Torleiv (2014). Dynamic Spectrum Access Utilizing P2P Radio Node Discovery: Applications to Military Communications.
  • Ulversøy, Tore (2012). Cognitive Engine for Critical Communications Cognitive Radio.
  • Moen, Hans Jonas Fossum; Ulversøy, Tore & Nyhavn, Ragnhild (2010). Evolutionary Computation at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.
  • Singh, S.; Adrat, M.; Antweiler, M.; Ulversøy, Tore; Mjelde, Terje Mikal Olsen; Hanssen, Leif; Ozer, H. & Zumbul, A. (2010). NATO RTO/IST RTG on SDR: Acquiring and sharing knowledge for developing SCA-based Waveforms on SDRs.

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