Energy Storage Systems group

The group focuses on energy storage systems based on hydrogen technology and batteries. Our activities include synthesis, characterisation and scale-up of specifically (but not limited) hydrogen-based materials for vehicular and large-scale applications; solid-state batteries; modeling of components and hybrid storage systems. 


Main ongoing Projects


Our main current collaboration partners are: 

National: the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Informatics, and Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics at UiO, Institute for Energy technology (IFE), Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), H2ClusterUNITECH

International: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Griffith UniversityHelmholtz-Zentrum GeesthactUniversity of CreteKeio UniversityGreenway Energy

Master Thesis

Our students conduct research in collaboration with academic and industrial partners on projects towards practical applications. Example of completed thesis:

Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzer Modeling; Modelling and validation of a Fuel Cell Electric Bus; Safety issues of Li-ion batteries; Ti1.1CrMn and its hydrides for the application in thermal hydrogen compressionHow will different politics affect the energy system?; Building-integrated photovoltaics in Norway, challenges and standardsPrediction of Battery Materials Properties with Machine LearningAdvanced Modelling of NiMH Batteries;Wind-Driven Clouds - Utilizing wind energy in data centersIn situ operando SAXS and WAXS characterization of the anode materials (a-P/C and FeSb2) for rechargeable sodium ion batteriesConductivity and Defects in Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 - A solid-state Li-ion conductor

Our research in the news






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Sabrina Sartori

Current PhD and Master students

Emil Høj JensenIsabelle VioleTorbjørn Egeland-Eriksen; Andreas Dyve; Tobias Hvidsten; Aleksander Skorgen; Johan Gustafsson; Kristin Alvestad; Lester Kalemba; Lasse Øien; Hugo Morales; Sanaz Esteghamat