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Intelligent prediction and integration of renewable energy sources into the Norwegian electricity grid (INTEGRARE)

INTEGRARE addresses the need of transforming the future energy systems based on renewable energy sources.

Many countries have set aggressive targets as intermittent renewable energy (RE) sources are increasingly integrated into the electrical grid. Achieving these targets requires fundamental changes in the power grid.

Both wind and solar power, the two most rapidly expanding types of renewable power sources, are driven by local weather conditions, in particular wind speed and solar irradiance. It is not easy to predict how much power will be produced next day, or the next twenty minutes, leading to important impacts into the stability of the grid.

INTEGRARE addresses the need of transforming the future energy systems based on renewables through a) developing novel methods to accurately predict the power generation for the Norwegian territory; b) designing an intelligent energy management considering energy storage.


The project focus on an area of research which is still at an early stage, with tremendous opportunity of development. Our vision is to build at UiO a critical mass of experts in energy systems able to compete at an international level and form the next generation of scientists working on the renewable energy sector.


The project received funding from UiO:Energy and the Japan Science and Technology Agency.


INTEGRARE (the Italian word for integration) collaborates with the Department of System Design Engineering at Keio University in Japan and the Department of Energy Informatics at Technical University of Munich in Germany. several academic disciplines, competences and departments from UiO


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