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MeasurEGrid: Measurable security and privacy for services on the Smart Electricity Grid

IoT supports emerging applications such as intelligent transportation, smart homes, smart cities, and smart power grids, where this project is placed.

Data created by IoT-enabled devices in the home, at work, or while moving, generates however security and privacy challenges. These challenges are often related to physical access security, communication network security, and big data security. The privacy aspects are often of a totally new nature, especially in the smart grid.


The MeasurEGrid-project is funded by Norges forskningsråd (NFR) within the framework for Industry Ph.Ds (Nærings-Ph.D). The project is a collaboration between

The planned duration of the project is 36 months, the funding period spans the period mid 2016 and till mid  2019).

Application number: ES545819

Project number: 248714

In a nutshell

The project will initially focus on creating a framework for measurable security, privacy and dependability (SPD) and apply it to the existing infrastructure of eSmart Systems AS. The framework is based on a criticality evaluation of components and subsystems. Subsequently the framework will be applied to envisaged infrastructures and evaluate one or two smart grid related services with respect to their SPD features. Examples of such services include billing, alarms, or remote control for demand-response. In the last part of the project the student will extend the models, apply the measurable security and provide to industry (and eSmart Systems) a sustainable framework.


The following documents are available from the MeasurEGrid project:

Tags: security, privacy, metrics, smart grid, security classification
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