Application and admission to the PhD programme at MN

As a PhD candidate in Norway you are an employee and must be enrolled in a PhD programme. There are several paths to our PhD programme and the two most common are describe in more detail below (1. Funding).

All candidates and supervisors must familiarize themselves with the Supplementary Regulations at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to the Regulations for the Degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at the University of Oslo. The relevant paragraphs are emphasized in the sections below.

Admission to the PhD programme at the MN Faculty takes place continuously throughout the year. The PhD candidate/supervisor must submit the application for admission to the PhD programme to the department within the first three months of the PhD employment contract. The initial assessment of the application is performed at your department and formally approved by the Faculty. 

Please see this Faculty PhD website for more information and the required forms for applying.

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