The coursework you have to undertake is regulated by a series of rules:

Basic rules for your coursework:
  • You need a minimum of 30 credits (studiepoeng), maximum of 40 can be listed on your transcript/diploma supplement
  • 5 points must be MNSES9100 - Science, Ethics and Society at UiO (or another course of at least 5 points in research ethics, theory of science or scientific methods)
  • At least 20 credits must be earned during your enrollment as a PhD student
    • You can include courses from before (as long as its not a part of a former degree), but the courses must be at a Master's or PhD level, and finished no more than 2 years before you were admitted into the PhD program
  • You can include up to 10 credits taken at the master’s level (grade must be A or B)
  • At least 20 points must be in scientific subjects

Rules for external (non-UiO) courses:

  • You can have up to 10 points of external courses and special syllabus
  • External courses with a final exam that are organized by MN, NHM or Norwegian research schools (forskerskoler) do not count towards this limit
  • If they do not have a final exam, you will have to hold a seminar at the department (ask the PhD-advisor for the form)
  • Rules for credits (studiepoeng) for external courses and special syllabus:
    • 25-30 hours = 1 credit
    • 5 full work days = 2 credit
    • 50 pages book = 1 credit
    • 33 pages article = 1 credit

Special syllabus (spesialpensum): Special syllabus is when you study certain material (certain number of pages of book or article) and are given an oral exam or presentation on the material. Your course material must be approved before you do the exam.

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