How to submit your dissertation

When you submit your thesis, you need:
  1. PDF file of the finished thesis. (Do *NOT* to send the thesis to the committee yourself! This is not allowed, we will do this for you.) Layout information is available here.
  2. Application form to have the dissertation assessed (file name “soknad_avslutning_eng”)
  3. Documentation of completed and passed educational component (“opplaringsdel_bekreftelse_engelsk”)
  4. Co-author declarations (“new_co_author_declaration”)
  • This should be signed by the two “most central” authors, your main supervisor if s/he is a co-author, and of course you. One of these co-authors must be the corresponding author. The explanation of how much work you have done must be given in words - it is not enough to say that you did for example 80 % of the work; details about what exactly you did are needed.

And from your main supervisor:

  1. Adjudication Committee (opponents) proposal
  2. Declaration for member of the adjudication committee (one for each opponent)

All forms are found here.

Scanned signatures are accepted, I need the originals only before the defense takes place.


**NEW INFO ABOUT OPPONENTS** Opponents should as often as possible come from Scandinavia, or Europe when necessary. If they will come from outside of Europe, then an email must be sent to explaining why this is necessary.

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