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Disputas: Mari Øgaard

M.sc. Mari Øgaard ved Institutt for teknologisystemer vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden philosophiae doctor: 

Methodology for performance evaluation of PV systems - with a special focus on high latitudes and snow

Bildet kan inneholde: klær, panne, nese, smil, kinn.

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Institutt for teknologisystemer, 19.10.22, kl. 10:00


In order to address the environmental challenges we face, transitioning towards sustainable, low emission energy systems is of paramount importance. Solar photovoltaics (PV) is a technology that plays an important role in this transition. To support a successful transformation, PV systems should be designed to cover our energy demands at the smallest possible financial and environmental cost. One of the pieces we need in order to solve this puzzle is a reliable methodology to evaluate PV system performance, i.e. to identify and quantify the energy losses in PV systems accurately. In order to identify how energy output can be increased through system design adjustments or maintenance, robust evaluation methodologies are necessary. In this work, I assess PV system performance evaluation methodologies. I identify various effects impacting PV performance evaluations and discuss how the methodology can be improved. In particular, I assess how well these methods perform in the climates and irradiance conditions found in higher latitude locations. I also study the effect of snow cover on solar panels, and how the resulting energy losses can be predicted.


  • David Moser, Institute for Renewable Energy, Bolzano, Italy
  • Bjørn Thorud, Multiconsult, Oslo
  • Josef Noll, University of Oslo

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