Energy Systems for the Norwegian Grid - a workshop at ITS

The workshop is foreseen to serve as a forum of discussion between interested members of academia and other research institutions and Norwegian industries

Energy systems have become a global priority as intermittent renewable energy sources are increasingly integrated into the electrical grid. For instance, smart grids require a cooperative connection among different power generators, storage solutions and components: photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, fuel cells, batteries, etc.

Among the topics of discussion:

·         Development of prediction algorithms applied for the short-term and next-day wind/solar power prediction

·         Investigation of the effect of co-locating renewable energy sources close to data centres and clouds, in order to schedule on demand the data centre loads

·         Formulation of an optimal energy management through the integration of energy storage systems into smart grids

·         Research and development of large-scale energy storage systems


The workshop is intended to stimulate ideas for future collaborations toward relevant national and international calls. More information regarding the workshop will be provided in the future.



Publisert 20. juni 2018 13:59 - Sist endret 20. juni 2018 13:59