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Climate change in Norway and effects on outdoor radio systems

Many outdoor radio systems transmit and receive signals that are sensitive to the climatic conditions, such as hydrometeor precipitation. For example, high frequencies may be heavily attenuated under periods of rain. According to climate reports the trend is towards more severe storms with heavy rainfall. An initial study of rainfall rate data from Norway supports the view that there is more often intense rainfall several places in the country.


When dimensioning radio links, either terrestrial microwave and millimetre wave technology, or satellite links today’s methods are based on long term averages of for example rainfall intensity. Many such links are designed to meet requirements in the form a quality and availability, to provide sufficient error free data transmission.

The task is to study available long-term climate data from Norway and estimate future possible effects on radio systems that are sensitive to the climate factors, such as rainfall. There exist some measurement data from South East Norway region that have been obtained since mid-1990ties and until today. The data can be used to check if there is a trend line visible in radio data as well. 

Emneord: Radio, Klima, Climate, Communication, Satellite, data
Publisert 6. apr. 2018 12:41 - Sist endret 23. sep. 2021 15:30


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