Maritime VHF Satellite Communications

Experimental satellite data from NorSat-2 is to be analysed to extract the influence of the ionosphere on VDE-SAT signals.

Norwegian industry and international organisations are testing and standardizing the VHF Data Exchange System via SATellite (VDE-SAT). The system will provide narrowband communications capabilities for ships in open sea far from the coastline. Measured data from a test campaign is available. The campaign included transmissions from NorSat-2 and reception by the Coast Guard ship KV Harstad located in the Arctic.

The ionosphere introduces phase fluctuations on the signal to/from the satellite. This master project shall analyse the available measurement data and extract the phase fluctuations introduced by the ionosphere. Software development necessary to extract the phase from the measured data shall be carried out. The results shall be combined with knowledge of the satellite, ship positions and geomagnetic activity.

The work will be carried out in collaboration with researcher(s) at FFI.

Emneord: Very High Frequency, radio communications, satellite, experiment, ionosphere
Publisert 12. sep. 2018 09:57 - Sist endret 14. sep. 2018 13:16


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