Optimal control of multi-robot systems

Some of the most important issues in mobile robotics and autnomous navigation, which deeply influence the accomplishing of assigned tasks and hence the control laws, concern the directionality of motion and limitation of sensors.

Localization tasks, formation control, monitoring and surevillance imply that some features must be kept in sight and involve several interesting mathematical problems to be addressed.

Optimization problems are typically incorporated in the motion planning framework, i.e. the analysis and synthesis of prescribed trajectories to be followed by the robot. If, in addition to the nonholonomic constraints that usually characterize the kinematics, the robot is supposed to carry a fixed on-board camera with limited Field-of-View, the problem becomes even more interesting and complex as the vision constraints further limit feasible maneuvers.

The purpose of this master project is deriving optimal trajectories for a team of robots moving from any starting configuration of the vehicles to a desired one, while keeping a given set of landmarks in sight during maneuvers.

Emneord: Optimal path-planning, Multi-robot systems, Visual-servo control, Limited sensors
Publisert 25. sep. 2018 14:21 - Sist endret 25. sep. 2018 14:21

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