RIMFAX surface scattering simulator

The RIMFAX antenna mounted on the rover radiates in all directions. Some energy will be reflected back from surface targets. A simulator that calculates the scattering from the surface shall be developed.

FFI is currently developing the RIMFAX GPR for the NASA Mars 2020 Rover Mission. The antenna is mounted on the rover and is air coupled. This means that some energy is radiated in the air and may reflect from nearby rocks and mountain sides. The reflections from surface targets will propagate through air and will have much less attenuation than signals from the subsurface. This master project shall develop a RIMFAX scattering simulator that calculates the radar waves that are scattered from surface targets. The surface model will be calculated based on the rover’s stereo camera. From the surface topography the reflected waves can be calculated along the rover travers and a radar image can be made. This image will be compared with the measured radar image and surface features can be identified. The simulations will be compared with real radar data collected with the RIMFAX Engineering Field Test Model.

Emneord: radar, Mars, Simulations, planetary
Publisert 1. feb. 2017 09:15 - Sist endret 1. feb. 2017 09:37


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