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Current position, 2019 - present: Principle Investigator of CCerror, a Research Council of Norway (RCN) funded project through a Young Research Talent (YRT) Grant

Academic interests: coupled-cluster theory and density-functional theory

CCerror: The RCN YRT project CCerror (full title: Error estimates for coupled-cluster methods, ground states and excited states) started in December 2019. The core research team consists of the PI (A. Laestadius) and research fellow Dr. Mihály Andras Csirik. CCerror investigates the mathematical description of coupled-cluster theory. The aim is to continue the existent analysis of the theory that is based on strong monotonicity to also be applicable to excited states. Since strong monotonicity seems best suited for the ground state, the identification of novel approaches has been the main task of postdoc Dr. Mihály Csirik so far. Of particular interest has been the study of different homotopies that connect different levels of truncation typically employed in practical coupled-cluster calculations.

Academic Background
My background is from mathematics and theoretical chemistry. In my master's thesis, I studied mathematical aspects of quantum chemistry, specifically time-dependent current-density-functional-theory (under supervision of Prof. Olav Vahtras). After that, I completed a PhD in applied mathematics with the thesis Foundations of Density Functionals in the Presence of Magnetic Field (main supervisor Prof. Michael Benedicks). 

Academic Degrees
I hold the following degrees from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden:

  • Master of Science in Biotecnology (September 2008, final grade: 5.0/5.0, Thesis 5.0/5.0)
  • Ph.D in applied mathematics (June 2014, supervisor: M. Benedicks, co-supervisors: A. Szepessy and O. Vahtras)

Research/teaching positions after Ph.D

  • 2014 - 2015: Temporary senior lecturer, Uppsala University, Department of mathematics
  • 2015 - 2019: Postdoc research fellow (ERC StG BIVAQUM), University of Oslo, Department of chemistry
  • 2019 - present: Researcher, University of Oslo, Department of chemistry

Fellowships and awards

  • Young Research Talent (YRT) Grant, funded by the Research Council of Norway (2019 - present)
  • Kristine Bonnevie fellowship, fellowship for 3 months research visit at MPI Hamburg funded by UiO (2021)
  • YoungCAS fellow, awarded funding by Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo to organize a workshop (10 participants) on formal density-functional theory (2018)
  • Talman Scholar Award, awarded at the 58th Sanibel Symposium for mathematical research in quantum chemistry (2018)
  • Young Scientist Mobility Grant, one month research visit at MPI in Hamburg funded by UiO (2018)
  • Physics students’ teacher award, awarded best teacher for physics students for my course (lecturer and examiner) on Single Variable Calculus Uppsala University, Sweden (2014)
  • Best Graduate Award of Honor, graduated with highest possible grade 5.0/5.0 from KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (2009)
  • PhD Position of Excellence, first recipient of the School of Biotechnology’s Excellence position for PhD students KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (2008)


Selected publications

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