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Academic interests.

My research interests are focused on heterogeneous catalysis, more specifically, in zeolites and their behaviour on hydrocarbon conversion reactions.

Regarding the ZeoMorph project, my main goals will be directly focused on the long term catalytic testing. I will investigate the formation of coke in the MTH reactions varying both catalysts and conditions. In addition to that, another important objective is achieving a comprehensive understanding the deactivation process of zeolites during the methanol to hydrocarbons reaction.


  • 2014 MSc Chemical Engineering. Imperial College London. Research Project: Crystallisation of Fullerenes in Thin Films of Polystyrene: Fullerene Blends.
  • 2013. MSc Chemical Engineering. University of Valladolid. IChemE accreditation. Final Project: «Designing a plant to produce 100,000 tonnes/year of jet fuel from municipal solid waste».
  • Internship in SABIC Innovative Plastics: «Designing a continuous catalyst preparation system in the Diphenyl Carbonate plant».


Tags: SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis


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  • Rojo Gama, Daniel; Svelle, Stian; Olsbye, Unni; Beato, Pablo & Janssens, Ton V.W. (2017). Investigations of the Long Term Catalytic Activity and Stability of Zeolite-based Catalysts in the Conversion of Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons.. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. 1888. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Rojo-Gama, Daniel (2016). Spatiotemporal study on the deactivation of zeolites by coking in the Methanol to Hydrocarbon Process..
  • Rojo-Gama, Daniel (2016). Zeolite deactivation by coking in the Methanol to Hydrocarbons process.
  • Rojo Gama, Daniel (2015). Catalyst deactivation by coking in the MTH process..
  • Rojo Gama, Daniel (2015). Quantitative studies on zeolite deactivation by coke in the methanol-to-hydrocarbon process..
  • Rojo Gama, Daniel & Lukaszuk, Katarzyna Anna (2015). The influence of ZSM-22 zeolite morphology on the catalytic performance in the Methanol to hydrocarbons process..
  • Rojo-Gama, Daniel (2015). Zeolite Deactivation by Coking in the Methanol to Hydrocarbons Process.

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