Georgios Kalantzopoulos

Senior Engineer - Catalysis
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Mobile phone +47-22855378
Room ØU42
Visiting address Sem Sælandsvei 26 Chemistry Building
Postal address Postboks 1033 0315 Oslo
Other affiliations The International Summer School (Student)

Research Interests

  • Mechanistic studies of novel catalyst systems with advanced catalytic testing.
  • Single- and multi-component sorption studies on Zeolites and MOF systems.
  • Structural Study of Microporous Zeolites Deactivation Mechanism with multiple in-situ techniques.
  • Understanding Catalyst Performance and Long-term Stability under Reactive MTO Conditions.
  • Advanced sorption studies on porous frameworks
  • Synchrotron Science and Instrumentation.


Background & Experience

2018 – present: Senior Engineer / Researcher, Chemistry Department, Catalysis Group, University of Oslo, Norway.

  • Catalytic Test Labs Manager
  • GC, GC/MS instrument scientist
  • Sorption apparatus instrument scientist

2015 – 2017: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chemistry Department, Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), University of Oslo, Norway.

  • ESS & MAX IV Interreg: Real-Time Evolution of SAPO Catalysts’ Local Coordination during Hydrothermal Treatment
  • CATLIFE: CATalyst transformation and LIFEtime by in-situ techniques and modelling.
  • iSEWGS: Innovative sorbents for the Sorbent-Enhanced Water-Gas Shift process.
  • TGA/DSC Instrument Responsible.

2014 – 2015: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Environmental Technology Department, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway.

  • Combined Sorbent-Catalyst Materials Development and testing for Sorption-Enhanced Reforming.
  • CO2 Capture & Hydrogen Production lab responsible. TGA and XRD Instrument Responsible.
  • Employed in the E.U. Joint Industry Project ASCENT.

2010 – 2013: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Physics Department, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway.

  • Solid State Hydrogen Storage Materials.
  • CO2 Sequestration of Clays studied with SANS and Sieverts apparatus.
  • Tuning of Thermodynamics & Kinetics of intermetallics and complex hydrogen storage materials.
  • Instrument Scientist (3 Sieverts Apparata (pcT)).
  • Employed in the E.U. Joint Industry Project SSH2S.

2010: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Methane & CO2 Storage in Porous Media, University of Calabria, Italy.

2009: Visiting Researcher, Dr. Michael Hirscher’s group, Advanced Porous Materials, Max Planck Institute for Metals Research, Stuttgart, Germany.

2006 – 2009: Ph.D in Energy Storage Porous Materials, University of Calabria, Italy / Max Planck Institute, Germany.

2000 – 2006: BSc & MSc in Materials Science Engineering, Greece.



  • Reviewer for International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Elsevier (13 full-paper and 2 review-paper contributions).
  • Reviewer for Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, RSC Publishing (2 full-paper contributions).
  • Reviewer for Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety, Elsevier (3 full-paper).
  • Reviewer for Rare Metals, Wiley (2 full-paper).
  • Reviewer for Applied Catalysis: A, Elsevier (1 full-paper).
  • Reviewer for Topics in Catalysis (1-full paper).
  • Reviewer for Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (1 full-paper).
  • Contributor to E.U. and Research Council of Norway (RCN) research proposals.
  • Member of the Norwegian Neutron Scattering Association (NoNSA).
  • Member of the Executive Committee of UiODoc, University of Oslo (2015 - 2017).



  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, International Journal Hydrogen Energy, Elsevier, 2015.
  • Recognized Reviewer Awards, Elsevier, 2015 - 2016.
  • 1 Award for Presentation and Dissemination Skills in International Conference, 2012.



  • Dr. Magnus H.Sørby, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway.
  • Dr. Kenneth D. Knudsen, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway.
  • Prof. Marcello Baricco, University of Torino, Italy.
  • Dr. Bjørnar Arstad, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Oslo, Norway.
  • Dr. Richard Blom, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Oslo, Norway.
  • Dr. Paul Cobden, Energy Research Centre of the Nederlands (ECN), Netherlands.
  • Prof. Martin Attfield, School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester, UK.
  • Dr. Wojciech A. Slawinski, ISIS Neutron Source, UK.
  • Prof. Jon Otto Fossum, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.
  • Dr. Michael Hirscher, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany.



Tags: Catalysis, Inorganic Materials Chemistry, SMN, Microporous Materials, Sorption, Porous Materials, Synchrotron.
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