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Academic interests

The theme of my research is heterogeneous catalysts for gas conversion, especially for the efficient utilization of various carbon feedstock. My expertise lies in the synthesis and evaluation of catalytic performance of solid catalysts, with a special focus on using fixed-bed micro-reactors to gain mechanistic insights. This research has been performed with a close cooperation between academia and industry, ensuring that I pursue state-of-the-art science while keeping relevance to the commercial applications.

In terms of catalytic materials, I have worked with supported metallic catalysts, and bulk oxides and phosphates. These catalytic materials were synthesized by various techniques, including incipient wetness impregnation, co-precipitation, atomic layer deposition, solution combustion synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis. The synthesis methods provide options to design and develop catalysts with tailor-made properties and this approach allows structure-performance relationships of catalysts to be established. In terms of catalytic performance evaluation, I have been responsible for set-ups ranging from high-throughput parallel reactor set-ups to single reactor advanced kinetic set-ups (steady state isotopic kinetic analysis, co-feed transients and tapered element oscillating microbalance).


I am currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Catalysis section, working on the EU-funded project 'COZMOS'.


Tags: Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
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