Tor Bjørnstad

Professor Emeritus - Department of Chemistry
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Room VU 63 / 65
Tags: Nuclear chemistry


  • Silva, Mario; Stray, Helge & Bjørnstad, Tor (2018). Stability assessment of PITT tracer candidate compounds: the case of benzyl alcohols. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering.  ISSN 0920-4105.  167, s 517- 523 . doi: 10.1016/j.petrol.2018.04.027
  • Haukås, Jarle; Madland, Merete Vadla; Flornes, Kristin Margrethe; Hiorth, Aksel; Valestrand, Randi; Viig, Sissel Opsahl; Stavland, Arne; Zimmermann, Udo; Jettestuen, Espen; Mebratu, A.; Bjørnstad, Tor; Klöfkorn, Robert; Skjæveland, Svein Magne & Nævdal, Geir (2017). Integration of IOR Research Projects through Generic Case Studies, In Ukjent Ukjent (ed.),  19th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery/IOR Norway 2017.  European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.  ISBN 978-94-6282-209-2.  130.
  • Ould Metidji, Mahmoud; Brichart, Thomas; Bjørnstad, Tor & Ferrando-Climent, Laura (2017). New fluorescent tracers for SWCTT, In Ukjent Ukjent (ed.),  19th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery/IOR Norway 2017.  European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.  ISBN 978-94-6282-209-2.  19th European Syposium.
  • Silva, Mario; Stray, Helge & Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). New Potential Tracer Compounds for Inter-well SOR Determination - Stability at Reservoir Conditions, In Ukjent Ukjent (ed.),  19th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery/IOR Norway 2017.  European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.  ISBN 978-94-6282-209-2.  87.
  • Silva, Mario; Stray, Helge & Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). Studies on New Chemical Tracers for Determination of Residual Oil Saturation in the Inter-Well Region, In X X (ed.),  SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium. 27–31 March 2017, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.  Society of Petroleum Engineers.  ISBN 978-1-61399-514-3.  SPE-185085-MS.
  • Wangen, Magnus; Sagen, Jan; Bjørnstad, Tor; Johansen, Harald & Souche, Alban Jean-Rene (2016). Models for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in the Near-Well Zone by Degassing of CO2. Open Petroleum Engineering Journal.  ISSN 1874-8341.  9, s 178- 194 . doi: 10.2174/1874834101609160178 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Stamatakis, Emmanuel; Stubos, A; Bjørnstad, Tor & Muller, Jiri (2013). Calcite scale prediction at the near-well region: A radiotracer approach, In Are Haugan (ed.),  TRACER 6 - The 6th International Conference on Tracers and Tracing Methods. Oslo, Norway, June 6-8, 2011.  EDP Sciences.  ISBN 978-2-7598-1005-5.  Paper.  s 03004-p.1 - 04004-p.6 Show summary
  • Stavsetra, Liv; Fure, Kristin; Haugan, Are & Bjørnstad, Tor (2013). Development of an oil tracer labelled with Ba-137m. The European Physical Journal Conferences.  ISSN 2101-6275.  50:05002 . doi: 10.1051/epjconf/20135005002
  • Samadani, Fereshteh; Alstad, Jorolf; Bjørnstad, Tor; Stavsetra, Liv & Omtvedt, Jon Petter (2010). Development of a SISAK extraction system for chemical studies of element 108, hassium. Radiochimica Acta.  ISSN 0033-8230.  98(12), s 757- 764 . doi: 10.1524/ract.2010.1787
  • Eriksen, Dag Øystein; Haugen, Odd Benny & Bjørnstad, Tor (2009). Enhanced oil recovery methods studied by gamma tracer scanning at simulated reservoir conditions. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry.  ISSN 0236-5731.  280(2), s 287- 292 . doi: 10.1007/s10967-009-0513-9
  • Zheng, Li; Alstad, Jorolf; Bjørnstad, Tor; Polakova, Darina; Stavsetra, Liv & Omtvedt, Jon Petter (2008). Extraction of Nb and Ta, homolgues of Db, from sulphuric acid solutions with TOA in toluene using SISAK. Radiochimica Acta.  ISSN 0033-8230.  96 . doi: 10.1524/ract.2008.1463
  • Omtvedt, Jon Petter; Alstad, Jorolf; Bjørnstad, Tor; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Gregorich, Kenneth E.; Hoffman, Darleane C.; Nitsche, Heino; Opel, Karsten; Polakova, Darina; Samadani, Fereshteh; Schulz, Frøydis; Skarnemark, Gunnar; Stavsetra, Liv; Sudowe, Ralf & Zheng, Li (2007). Chemical properties of the transactinide elements studied in liquid phase with SISAK. European Physical Journal D : Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.  ISSN 1434-6060.  45(1), s 91- 97 . doi: 10.1140/epjd/e2007-00214-6

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  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Borroto Portela, J. I.; Brisset, P.; Chankow, N.; Charlton, J.S.; Conejo Solis, M.A.; Dagadu, C.P.K.; Dash, A.; Diaz Vargas, F.; Ghiyas-Ud-Din, x; Jin, J.-H.; Li, J.; Munoz Anrique, L.; Pinto Ferreira, A.; Palige, J.M.; Roesch, F.; Jung, S.-H. & Vargas, C. (2013). Radiotracer Generators for Industrial Applications. International Atomic Energy Agency.  ISBN 978-92-0-135410-5.  203 s.
  • Abidin, Z.; Berne, P.; Bjørnstad, Tor; Jin, J.-H.; Khan, I.H.; Leclerc, J.-P.; Maggio, E.G.; Moreira, M.R.; Olivar, M.V.; Quang, N.H.; Somaruga, C.; Tang, S.H.J. & Zhang, P. (2012). Application of Radiotracer Techniques for Interwell Studies. International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA.  ISBN 978-92-0-125610-2.  231 s.

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  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2018). On-line analyses of mass transport using neutrons.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Ould Metidji, Mahmoud; Krivokapic, Alexander & Viig, Sissel Opsahl (2018). Nanoparticles as oil detectives?.
  • Ould Metidji, Mahmoud; Krivokapic, Alexander; Silva, Mario; Cathles, Lawrence & Bjørnstad, Tor (2018). Nanotracers intended for EOR-operations.
  • OULD-METIDJI, Mahmoud; Lopes Da Silva, M.H.; Ferrando-Climent, L.; Krivokapic, A. & Bjørnstad, Tor (2018). Future Prospect For Reservoir Tracer Technology: Benefits, Obstacles and Development. Show summary
  • Silva, Mario & Bjørnstad, Tor (2018). Non-Conservative Tracers for Temperature Assessment in the Interwell Region of Oil Reservoirs.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). Can functionalized nanoparticles be used as reservoir tracers?.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). Keynote Lecture: Recent development in nuclear methods for process monitoring. Show summary
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). Nuclear-Based Monitoring of Industrial Mass Flow I: The potential use of Small Transportable Neutron Generators. Show summary
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Stavsetra, Liv; Krivokapic, Alexander; Eriksen, Dag Øistein & Vascon, Alessio (2017). Hydrometallurgy in mineral mining and urban mining.
  • Ould Metidji, Mahmoud; Kelesoglu, Serkan; Silva, Mario & Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). Laboratory assessment of nanotracers for oil reservoir characterization.
  • Silva, Mario; Stray, Helge & Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). New Chemical Tracers for Determination of Residual Oil Saturation in the Inter-Well Region - Initial Studies.
  • Silva, Mario; Stray, Helge & Bjørnstad, Tor (2017). PITT Tracer Candidates: Stability at Reservoir Conditions.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2016). Reactor-produced radionuclides for tracing operations in industry and civil engineering.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2016). The possible role of nanoparticle tracers in measurements of residual oil saturation in the near-well area.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2016). Tracer-based reservoir evaluation and SOR determination.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Brisset, Patrick; Gardner, Robin Pierce; Kuznetsov, Aleksandr & Moreira, Rubens Martin (2016). Neutron Generators for Tracing Applications.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Silva, Mario; Brichart, Thomas; Krivokapic, Alexander & Viig, Sissel Opsahl (2016). Development of new tracers for SOR measurements in IW and SW application - Some recent results and future plans.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Stavsetra, Liv; Fure, Kristin; Opel, Karsten; Haugan, Are & Krivokapic, Alexander (2016). Radiotracer-based monitoring of liquid carry-over from gas scrubbers.
  • Silva, Mario & Bjørnstad, Tor (2016). Solid-Phase Microextraction as Sample Preparation Technique in Tracer Technology.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2015). Mineral exploitation and hydrometallurgical methods.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2015). Radiotracers Applications in Oil Fields: Enhancing the Recovery of Oil.
  • Rollwagen, Joe & Bjørnstad, Tor (2015, 15. september). Mapping it out: Tracer technology and the search for oil. [Fagblad].  IAEA Bulletin, September 2015.
  • Abdullah, Jaafar; Alami, Rachad; Abdelwahed, Haifa Ben; Bjørnstad, Tor; Calvo, Carlos Sebastian; Dagadu, Christian Priesley Kofi; Dominguez-Catasus, Judith; Gao, Xiang; Gardner, Robin Pierce; Ud-Din, Ghiyas; Kim, Jong-Bum; Leclerc, Jean-Pierre; Moreira, Rubens Martin; Nguyen Huu, Quang; Palige, Jacek Maria; Goswami, Sunil & Stegowski, Zdizlaw (2014). Radiometric methods for measuring and modelling multiphase systems - progress report No.2.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). A flavour of nano-particles as tracer agents for IOR.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). Aspects of how tracer compounds can contribute to optimize EOR/IOR processes.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). Brief about tracer technology and the National Norwegian IOR-Centre.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). Neutron generators in industry and civil society.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). The Role of Tracers in Optimization of EOR/IOR Operations. Show summary
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). The use of transportable neutron sources for industrial monitoring.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Haugan, Are; Stavsetra, Liv & Fure, Kristin (2014). Multiphase flow in separators and scrubers: Condition monitoring.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Haugan, Are; Stavsetra, Liv & Fure, Kristin (2014). Radiotracer generators for application in process industries.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Jin, Joon-Ha; Calvo, Wilson Aparecido; Boutaine, Jean-Louis; Charlton, Stuart; Leclerc, Jean-Pierre; Johansen, Geir Anton & Brisset, Patrick (2014). Report on the Consultant Meeting on "The Current Status and Future Trends on Radioisotope Applications in Industry".
  • Madland, Merete Vadla; Hiorth, Aksel & Bjørnstad, Tor (2014). Presenting the 2 R&D Themes for The National IOR Centre of Norway.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2013). Application of neutron generators in industry.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2013). Beyond Traditional Flow Assurance.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2013). Brief about Petroleum Activities at IFE.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2013). The Role of Tracer Technology in Future Reservoir Management.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Eriksen, Dag Øystein & Omtvedt, Jon Petter (2013). Radiochemistry and hydrometallurgy - two synergetic fields.
  • Berg, Øivind; Bjørnstad, Tor; Dahlgren, Sven; Nøvik, Sven; Rondeel, Wilhelm & Totland, Arne (2012). Thorium - en framtidsressurs i Oslofjordregionen?.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2012). Application of gamma-ray detection equipment in the petroleum industry.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2012). Monitoring Multiphase Flow in Separators and Scrubbers - Combined Radiotracer and Sealed Source Technique.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2012). Possible development of nuclear technology for industrial monitoring applications.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2012). Radioaktivitet i vår hverdag - delvis til ulempe men også til nytte og forbedret helse.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2012). Tracer Technology for Interwell Reservoir Examination - Achievements and Future Challenges.
  • Sira, Terje & Bjørnstad, Tor (2012). Tracer-based flow measurement. Show summary
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2011). Extraction of Th from Norwegian Mineral Resources.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2011). Flow Assurance Challenges in Geothermal Energy Production - Mineral Scaling.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2011). Oljedetektivene - de syngende molekyler.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Dugstad, Ø.; Hartvig, S.K. & Haugan, A. (2011). SAGD-Related Oil Recovery: Fluid Tracing Challenges.
  • Fure, K.; Stavsetra, L. & Bjørnstad, Tor (2011). Experimental Studies on Generation of Short-Lived Radiotracers of Daughter Products from the Nuclear Genetic Relationships 68Ge - 68Ga and 137Cs - 137mBa, -a Progress Report.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Development of tracer technology for EOR and production optimization.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Doses, dose effects and safe operations.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). In the climate perspective - what is the role of nuclear power?.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Mechanisms of mineral scaling in geothermal wells studied by nuclear techniques.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Oil generation, reservoir assessment and petroleum production – a primary.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Radioactivity and nuclear characteristics – a primary.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Reservoir management and enhanced oil recovery – the role of tracers.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Tracer field operations.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Tracer technology for geothermal reservoir examination.
  • Omtvedt, Jon Petter; Alstad, Jorolf; Bjørnstad, Tor; Dullmann, C.E.; Gregorich, K.E.; Gupta, N.S.; Nilssen, Johannes; Nitsche, Heino; Samadani, Fereshteh; Schädel, Matthias & Schulz, Frøydis (2010). Superheavy Element Chemistry with SISAK.
  • Samadani, Fereshteh; Omtvedt, Jon Petter & Bjørnstad, Tor (2010). Liquid Chemistry of Hassium Tetroxide using Osmium in Model Experiments with SISAK.
  • Eriksen, Dag Øystein; Haugan, Are; Bjørnstad, Tor; Halvorsen, S.G; Torgersen, H.J.T.; Haugen, Odd Benny & Brattheim, Sigurd (2009). A two-dimensional gamma scanner for performing flooding experiments at oil reservoir conditions. INCS News.  VI(4), s 7- 13
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2009). Mercury in petroleum – technical and HSE challenges.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2009). The use of radioisotope technology on well operation, oil transportation and process studies of petroleum reservoirs.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Borroto, J.I.P.; Brisset, P.; Chakravarty, R.; Chankow, N.; Charlton, J.S.; Dagadu, C.P.K.; Pinto, A.F.; Jung, S.-H.; Li, J.; Munos, L.A.; Palige, J.M.; Roesch, F.; Ghiyas-Ud-Din, x & Vargas, C.E. (2009). Evaluation and validation of radioisotope generator-based radiotracers for industrial applications - 2nd progress report.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Fure, Kristin & Stavsetra, Liv (2009). Development of industrial radiotracer generators at IFE - chemical, toxic and radiotoxic considerations.
  • Hassfjell, Sindre; Haugan, Are & Bjørnstad, Tor (2009). 47Ca-aided studies of CaCO3 scaling rates at low saturation ratios.
  • Eriksen, Dag Øystein; Haugan, Are; Bjørnstad, Tor; Halvorsen, Sigbjørn Gottskalk; Torgersen, Hans Jakob Texmo; Haugen, Odd Benny & Bratheim, Sigurd (2008). A two-dimensional gamma scanner for performing flooding experiments at oil reservoir conditions.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Application of tracers in oil reservoir examinations.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Development of tracer technology for production optimization.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Exploration and Production R&D at Institute for Energy Technology.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Impairment of flow in near-well zones by mineral scaling.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Interwell tracer technology.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Interwell tracer technology - past, present and future.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Recent advances in tracer technology for production optimization.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Tracers and reservoir architecture.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Eriksen, Dag Øystein & Yan, Gonglai (2008). Studies on separation of tracer concentrations of radiolabelled [Co(CN)6]3- from radiolabelled SCN- in water samples.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Thomassen, Dag; Nyborg, Rolf & Seiersten, Marion (2008). Some flow assurance issues connected to mineral scaling, hydrates, complex fluids and the use of tracers.
  • Eriksen, Dag Øystein; Haugen, Odd Benny & Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Enhanced oil recovery methods studied by gamma tracer scanning at simulated reservoir conditions.
  • Fure, Kristin; Hassfjell, Sindre & Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Industrial radiotracer generators.
  • Jevanord, Kjersti & Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Radiolabelled [Ni(CN)4]2- for water tracing: Synthesis and quality examination.
  • Jevanord, Kjersti & Bjørnstad, Tor (2008). Separation, enrichment and analysis of radiolabelled [Ni(CN)4]2- in laboratory and field samples.
  • Zheng, Li; Omtvedt, Jon Petter; Alstad, Jorolf & Bjørnstad, Tor (2007). Preparation for Liquid-Liquid Extraction Studies of Dubnium Using Homologue Models with the SISAK System.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor (2006). “Multiphase flow metering in the petroleum industry – the role of tracers and nuclear techniques”.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor; Eriksen, Dag & Michelsen, Odd B. (2006). ”Contribution to revealing the secrets of the potential water tracer Co(CN)63-“.
  • Bjørnstad, Tor & Stamatakis, Emmanuel (2006). „Applicability and Sensitivity of Gamma Transmission and Radiotracer Techniques for Mineral Scaling Studies“.

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