Tore Bonge-Hansen

Associate Professor - Organic chemistry
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Phone +47 22855386
Room Ø 303
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 26 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1033 0315 Oslo

Academic Interests

Our research interests are within the areas of asymmetric organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

We focus on the development of new reactions and new reagents which can be useful for the synthesis of drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our medicinal chemistry focus is on CNS-related diseases such as depression.


Tags: Chemistry, Organic chemistry


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  • Berntsen, Linn Neerbye; Hansen, Tore Bonge & Rongved, Pål (2018). Rh(II)-catalyzed cyclopropanation-ring expansion of 7-azaindoles with halodiazoacetates and indoles with halodiazophosphonates. Show summary
  • Fredriksen, Kim Alex; Bonge-Hansen, Tore & Amedjkouh, Mohamed (2017). Attempted Enantioselective Preparation of ∝-Aminophosphonic Acids and a Mechanistic Investigation of the Coupling Agent Mediated Phosphonamidation Reaction. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. ?.
  • Araba, Taofik Olasile; Bonge-Hansen, Tore & Hansen, Finn Knut (2016). Progress towards the synthesis and self-assembly of amphiphilic drug conjugates of Iodinin.. Show summary
  • Levchenko, Vladimir; Bonge-Hansen, Tore & Tilset, Mats (2016). Design and Synthesis of Novel Rh(II)-containing Polymer Catalysts. Organometallic Gold(III) Catalysis in Organic Synthesis.
  • Viktorsson, Elvar Örn; Åstrand, Ove Alexander Høgmoen; Bonge-Hansen, Tore; Doskeland, Stein Ove; Herfindal, Lars & Rongved, Pål (2016). Total synthesis and initial antileukemic evaluation of the phenazine 5,10-dioxide natural products iodinin and myxin.
  • Grøthe, Bendik Melling; Bonge-Hansen, Tore & Rongved, Pål (2015). Syntese av myxin og myxinderivater som potensielle legemidler mot akutt myelogen leukemi. Show summary
  • Grøthe, Bendik Melling; Snellingen, Simen; Viktorsson, Elvar Örn; Prandina, Anthony; Åstrand, Ove Alexander Høgmoen; Bonge-Hansen, Tore & Rongved, Pål (2015). The first efficient synthesis and preliminary biological effect of the 1,6-dihydroxyphenazine-N5,N10-dioxide (Iodinin) and 1-hydroxy-6-methoxyphenazine-N5,N10-dioxide (Myxin).
  • Levchenko, Vladimir; Øien-Ødegaard, Sigurd; Tilset, Mats & Bonge-Hansen, Tore (2015). Novel strategy for Synthesis of Rhodium(II)-containing Polymer Catalysts.
  • Schnaars, Christian; Bonge-Hansen, Tore & Tilset, Mats (2014). Development of Novel Methodology for the in situ Preparation of Halodiazo Compounds and Investigation of Reactivities of alpha-Onium Diazo Compounds.
  • Kristensen, Tor Erik & Bonge-Hansen, Tore (2013). Polymer and Mesoporous Material Supported Organocatalysts, In Peter I. Dalko (ed.),  Comprehensive Enantioselective Organocatalysis: Catalysts, Reactions, and Applications, Volume 2.  Wiley-VCH Verlagsgesellschaft.  ISBN 978-3-527-33236-6.  23.  s 651 - 672
  • Yadav, Vitthal Narayan; Görbitz, Carl Henrik & Bonge-Hansen, Tore (2013). Design and Synthesis of Microporous Dipeptide Structures and Guanidinium-carboxylate-based Organic Supramolecular Materials..
  • Hennum, Martin; Odden, Hege Hortemo; Gundersen, Lise-Lotte & Hansen, Tore (2012). Methodology towards the total synthesis of asmarines.
  • Kristensen, Tor Erik & Bonge-Hansen, Tore (2011). Synthesis of Chiral Catalysts Supported on Organic Polymers, In Michelangelo Gruttadauria & Francesco Giacalone (ed.),  Catalytic Methods in Asymmetric Synthesis: Advanced Materials, Techniques, and Applications.  John Wiley & Sons.  ISBN 978-0-470-64136-1.  4.  s 209 - 256
  • Bonge, Hanne Therese & Hansen, Tore (2008). Novel carbenoid reactions.
  • Kristensen, Tor Erik & Hansen, Tore (2008). Immobilization of proline by polymerization of acrylic derivatives.
  • Aasheim, Jens & Hansen, Tore (2007). Investigating organocatalytic reactions by supercomputing.
  • Boman, Kjartan & Hansen, Tore (2007). New catalysts for asymmetric organocatalysis.
  • Bonge, Hanne Therese & Hansen, Tore (2007). Nitromethane as a iodonium ylide precursor.
  • Hansen, Finn Knut; Hansen, Tore & Kristensen, Tor Erik (2007). Solid phase organocatalysis. Show summary
  • Rosenberg, Marianne Lenes & Hansen, Tore (2007). Synthesis of an analogue of Uhle's ketone.

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