Mara Ultra

This instrument was installed in January 2003.

The spectrometer is equipped for proton T1, T2 and T1rho studies (HR) together with diffusion studies.


The spectrometer is located in Room V170 in the Chemistry Building.

phone: (+047) 228 55 765


The instrument is mainly used by Professor Eddy W. Hansen and his students.

Technical information

Inserts: 10mm tubes

Magnet: Maran Ultra magnet with a magnetic field of 0.5 T

Transmitter: 300W RF

Temperature variable from -50 to +130 Degree Celsius.

Gradients: Crown Macrotech 5000VZ 60A gradient power supply, max gradient strength 400gauss/cm (4T/m).

T1rho: Maran Ultra power level controller and power supply to provide 40kHz spin locking pulses up to 1 second.

Computer: Dell Optiplex DX60 1.70GHz, memory, 18.6Gb hard disk, CD-ROM player

Software: Microsoft Windows XP, RINMR ver Resonance instruments Ltd


The installation was financed by The University of Oslo and SINTEF.

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