Scanning Electron Microscope

FASE has a FEI Quanta 200 FEG-ESEM with EDAX EDS, TSL EBSD, HT-stage.

It is available for rent with or without an operator.

SEM lab at FERMiO, Forskningsparken

Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Quanta 200 FEG-ESEM

Owner: Dept. Chemistry, UiO.
Funding: RCN.
Location: FERMiO, Forskningsparken.
Hot stage in operation at ca. 1000 °C.
FEI Quanta 200 FEG-ESEM with EDAX EDS, TSL EBSD, HT-stage

Field Emission Gun (FEG)

High-vacuum, Low-vacuum, and Environmental (ESEM;gas pressure up to 0.02 atm) operation. Custom gas mixer attached.

Heating stages to 1000 and 1500 °C.

Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) EDAX/TSL


The SEM is available for rent with or without an operator:
Price per hour for internal users: 500 without operator / 800 with operator
Price per hour for external users: 800 without operator / 1500 with operator


Xiaolan Kang

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Booking for registered users

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