Instruments at the XRD lab

The X-ray laboratory has facilities for powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD) which are open to all SMN students and researchers.

The X-ray laboratory is located in room ØU34 in "Kjemibygningen", the Dpartment of Chemistry..

Our single crystal XRD instrument. A Bruker D8 3-circle diffractometer with area detector and nitrogen cryostat.

High temperature XRD. Fitted with a furnace. Rather old.


Transmission powder XRD. Usually in capillary mode but can also be used for flat plate transmission measurements.

Surface diffraction. Bruker D5000 with parallel beam Goebel mirror optics. Used for Grazing incidence diffraction and reciprocal space mapping. Contact the instrument responsibles for more information and to get trained

Our powder XRD workhorse. A Bruker D5000 in Bragg-Brentano geometry (flat plate reflection) with a 40 position robotic sample changer. Running more or less continuously for 15 years!

Low and high temperature transmission powder XRD. Guinier Camera with image plate.