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About us

Bioanalytics@UiO's vision is:

Measuring the invisible (and believing it)

We develop and apply innovative state-of-the-art miniaturized methods in separation science combined with detection and structure determination of drugs, naturally occurring biomolecules/biomarkers and environmental biomarkers. Working towards our vision with these tools true understanding of biological systems can be obtained.

Research programs

Within Bioanalytics@UiO we have three main research programs with focus on:

  1. Nanocolumns and microchips in chromatographic separations
  2. Miniaturized sample preparation based on artificial liquid membranes
  3. Methods and strategies which is divided in three sub-programs:
    • Analytical Proteomics
    • Drugs and metabolites
    • Other biomolecules.

As research platform we are always interested in allowing guests to contribute in reaching our scientific goals.

Read more about the Research programs and keep yourself updated on our activities via our blog:

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