Master Students

Diamanta Ibishi

Supervisor: Stian Svelle

Thesis topic: Unidirectional microporous materials as key catalyst components for the direct conversion of CO2 into chemicals

This master project forms part of the larger CASCADE-X effort in the catalysis group, and has as its objective to synthesize and characterize a series of AEL (SAPO-11) zeolite catalysts with different degrees of Si incorporation to generate materials with differing acid site density. The compounds will be further applied in the investigation of their catalytic performance for the conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons.

Hobby: Besides studying natural science, I am interested in athletics, writing, nature, cooking and psychology. I value family and friends in a big deal and love to spend time with them. Due to my broad interests, I frequently attend workshops in both natural science and psychology for the pleasure of learning. My interests are very much reflected in my work choice, and I have jobs which relate to mentoring, teaching, healthcare and fitness.


Bjørn Gading Solemsli

Supervisor: Unni Oslbye

Thesis topic: Catalytic testing and TEM-characterization of MOF-based catalysts

Academic interests: My interests are materials that can be used for heterogeneous catalysis and their structure and how that may affect the catalytic process. 



Madelene Vassilakis

Supervisor: Mohamed Amedjkouh







Dag Sannes

Supervisor: Karl Petter Lillerud

Thesis topic: Synthesis and Characterization of MOFs with Super Base properties





Johnny Sannes

Supervisor: Unni Olsbye

Thesis topic:Characterization and testing av metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)





Jeroen Nyrud

Supervisor: Mats Tilset







Karolina Filipowicz

Supervisor: Mats Tilset







Robert Brevik

Supervisor: Karl Petter Lillerud and Ainara Nova







Sushant Kumar

Supervisor: Stian Svelle

Thesis topic: Potentiometric acid base titration as a tool to characterize porous solid acids


Bastian Bjerkem Skjelstad

Supervisor: Trygve Helgaker and David Balcells

Thesis Title: A Computational Perspective on the Interplay Between Metal Dopant and Support in the Structure and Reactivity of Oxidized Cubanes


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