International seminar


26-28 April, 2021

17:55-21:15 (CET) / 9:55-13:15 (MST)

Dear Colleagues,

This virtual event will continue the emerging tradition of lively scientific discussions on various aspects of transient kinetics that have taken place in recent years (NAM-2017, MACKIE-2018, NAM-2019). The last year has brought extraordinary challenges to so many around the Globe, and our community is no exception. Now, more than ever, we appreciate how essential it is for our professional and inner lives to be able to gather with our colleagues and friends. We must therefore adopt new formats for sharing our research aspirations and enjoying each others company. The 2021 virtual seminar on transient kinetics will include a series of scientific presentations and discussions, complemented by artistic intermissions created by the members of our creative community.


Scientific program

The program (download Program at a Glance or the full Book of Abstracts) will provide an introduction for beginners and lead to state-of-the-art discussions for academic and industrial researchers. Prospective sections include:


  • Introduction to transient kinetics and Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP)
  • Recent developments (hardware, software, methods, data analysis)
  • Applications of transient kinetics in fundamental research
  • Applications of transient kinetics for industrial catalyst development
  • Progress in transient methods (Frequency response, microcalorimetry, surface spectroscopy), with selected examples

Cultural program

The event will feature unique contributions in the form of music, poetry, and visual arts interspersed throughout the scientific program. We encourage you to contact the organizing committee with a proposal, if you feel like sharing your creative energy with the community.

Special Issue

Seminar participants are invited to submit a full publication for the special issue of Catalysis Today dedicated to TKS-2021 (deadline is 1st November, 2021).


Participation is free. Please fill in this form to register, and we will keep you up to date about this event.

Organizing Committee

Cornelia Breitkopf (TU Dresden, Germany), email

Rebecca Fushimi (Idaho National Laboratory, USA), email

Christian Reece (Rowland Institute at Harvard, USA), email:

Evgeniy Redekop (University of Oslo, Norway), email: