Master projects Spring 2021

Bsc and Msc Research projects supervised by Truls Norby

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Bsc and Msc Research projects supervised by Reidar Haugsrud

Developing and understanding functional properties of oxide based materials for high temperature sustainable chemical and electrochemical energy technologies are central. The projects generally consist of a mix of inorganic and physical chemistry - to be designed according to the student’s interest.

  1. Mixed Anion metal Oxides (MAOs) – novel functional materials (KJM/MENA - MSc/BSc)
  2. Ionic and mixed ionic-electronic conductors – materials for future energy technologies (KJM/MENA - MSc/BSc)
  3. Surface kinetics/electrocatalysis – “everything” starts at the surface


Bsc and Msc Research projects supervised by Jonathan Polfus

Selected examples of MSc and BSc projects. Several of the projects have the possibility for collaboration with external partners such as SINTEF and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  1. Proton and electron transfer at solid-solid electrochemical interfaces (MENA – MSc)

  2. Hydride ion diffusion in sub-stoichiometric titanium nitrides (MENA – MSc/BSc)

  3. Interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures (KJM/MENA – BSc/MSc)


B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects related to photoelectrochemistry (PEC) Contact:  Athanasios Chatzitakis

  1. Tantalum nitride (Ta3N5) films on glass and integration in tandem photovoltaic (PV) structures for water electrolysis with solar light. (KJM/MENA)

  2. Study of the structural evolution of perovskite-based catalysts during water electrolysis. (KJM/MENA)

  3. Solid state PEC cells for water splitting in the gas phase using catalysts from NO 2. (KJM/MENA)

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