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Innovative Natural Gas Processes and Products (inGAP ) - SFI

inGAP was a National Centre of Research-based Innovation, appointed by the Norwegian Research Council.



inGAP ended

inGAP - Center for Research-based Innovation started 19. March 2007 and ended 18. March 2015. The Center's final report was published at the end of June 2015.
You can find the final report of InGAP here (pdf, english).

About inGAP

inGAP's vision is value creation in natural-gas processes through rational design of processes and products based on atomistic and mechanistic insight in catalyst and reactor parameters under operative conditions.

The focus point: Utilization of Natural Gas

Norway is currently the world’s third largest exporter of oil and gas. While oil production has peaked, gas production is still increasing, and reached 100 mill. Sm3 in 2009. Norway's total remaining gas resources are estimated to 8.1 billion Sm3, of which 3.3 billion Sm3 are yet to be discovered (Source: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate 29.06.2010).

Natural gas conversion processes

Methane is the major component of natural gas. It is a highly unreactive molecule under normal conditions and in spite of considerable research efforts worldwide, there is as yet no industrial process for the direct activation and functionalization of CH4. Present technology depends on synthesis gas as an intermediate, necessitating a high-temperature step of limited energy efficiency. Nature, however, has demonstrated that mild and selective activation of methane is possible, through bacteria that utilize methane for their metabolism.
The inGAP partners address both conventional and new processes (syngas production, Fischer-Tropshc synthesis, methanol-to-hydrocarbons, vinyl chloride monomer production, olefin production and direct routes from methane to petrochemicals) in our research.


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