Seminar on Energy Storage

One day seminar on Energy Storage hosted by UiO Energy and Centre for Materials science and Nanotechnology

As of today, the installed storage capacity in energy systems worldwide only amounts to a few percent of the total installed capacity, and pumped hydro storage systems make up 99% of this storage capacity. However, the shift towards intermittent renewable energy is foreseen to make storage a key component of the electricity system of tomorrow. Just as energy production now comes in a very wide range of sizes and shapes – from single solar panels to nuclear power plants – it is predicted that a mix of technologies and solutions will solve the challenges related to energy storage. Nevertheless, the one technology that currently by far is receiving the most attention is batteries, displaying unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to size and application areas – ranging from plug-in hybrid vehicles to enormous grid connected power banks.


There will be two sessions during the seminar:

Morning session: a more general session on energy storage

Afternoon session: with a scientific program focus on state-of-the-art electrode and electrolyte materials for Li- and Na-ion batteries, combined with an overview of materials based battery research in Norway.


Both sections provide good opportunities for interactions and discussions.


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Published Nov. 3, 2014 1:45 PM - Last modified Nov. 3, 2014 2:10 PM