Special Nafuma Seminar

Group seminar with Jan Torgersen, from NTNU


Jan Torgersen, Associate Professor at NTNU

Jan Torgersen recently started his own laboratory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He focusses on material design across multiple length scale, in which additive manufacturing technologies play an integral part. He has expertise in thin film technologies, in particular, atomic layer deposition that he employed for high-k perovskite dielectrics deposited on high aspect ratio structures in next generation charge storage devices. Torgersen’s current research interests are multi scale topology and hierarchical optimization of additive manufactured components and conformal surface functionalization to tune the interplay with the parts surrounding. He is involved in several projects around tissue engineering, complex automotive parts and fundamental structure property evaluation and prediction.

The 20th of October he will be visiting us with a presentation of his current interests entitled:

"Thin film deposition for next generation DRAM structures"


Thin film deposition for next generation DRAM structures Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) allows conformal coating of parts of any shape and size with down to atomic scale resolution using various functional materials. The successful growth of high-k thin films on high aspect ratio structures is of significant importance for future applications of electronic charge storage. In this talk, novel precursors and processing conditions will be presented to achieve high dielectric constant at low leakage current in Barium Titanate thin films. X-ray absorption techniques reveal the chemical and atomic configuration of the thin films and the effect of a change in composition and underlying substrate. The results may be implemented in future process lines to increase the performance of next generation DRAM devices.


Looking forward to joining you to his seminar!


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