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Organic chemistry

Our goal is to combine knowledge in synthetic organic chemistry  natural product chemistry, structure elucidation and molecular biology / biochemistry for design and synthesis of potential drugs and biomolecular tools.

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About the Organic chemistry section

Our research interests are: Synthesis of natural products and bioactive molecules, medicinal chemistry (development of antimicrobial and anticancer compounds, diagnostics), development of novel and sustainable synthetic methodology, isolation and structure elucidation of natural products, structural and functional NMR studies, clinical NMR-metabolomics, radiopharmaceutical chemistry (PET).

Most of our research is of an experimental nature, but the experimental results are often supported by modelling and theoretical calculations.

We offer education at all levels from bachelor to Ph.D. degree within our research areas. Feel free to contact us for more information


Our research disciplines

  • Development of selective and sustainable synthetic methodology
  • Synthesis of potential drugs to treat cancer and infectious diseases
  • Clinical NMR-metabolomics
  • Radiopharmaceutical chemistry


UN sustainability goals

Our research contributes to achieving the following of the UN's sustainability goals:

3 Good health and well-being, 4 Quality education, 12 Responsible consumption and production

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Study with us? Master and Bachelor projects

Find possible master projects here (in Norwegian) and contact a potential supervisor.  

Potential supervisors are: Lise-Lotte GundersenTore Bonge-HansenAlexander Harald SandtorvPatrick RissFrode Rise


Courses at Master and PhD level

The organic chemistry section is involved in teaching of the following courses.

KJM5220 – Heterocyclic Chemistry 
KJM5230 - Biologisk aktive molekyler 
KJM5250 - Organisk NMR spektroskopi 
KJM5270 - Syntetisk organisk kjemi 
KJM5280 – NMR spektroskopi 
KJM5951 – Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry 
KJM5961 – Production and Application of Medical Radionuclides 
KJM5962 – Applied Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging 
KJM9220 – Heterosyklisk kjemi 
KJM9230 – Biologisk aktive molekyler 
KJM9250 – Organisk NMR spektroskopi 
KJM9270 – Syntetisk organisk kjemi 
KJM9280 – NMR spektroskopi 
KJM9951 – Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry 
KJM9961 – Production and Application of Medical Radionuclides
KJM9962 – Applied Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging

We offer undergraduate research projects KJM2010 - Undergraduate Research I and KJM2020 - Undergraduate Research II.  For more information contact the individual supervisors. We also welcome exchange students  for project work on undergraduate and graduate level.

Research infrastructure.

The University of Oslo NMR Center og The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory.

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