Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft & Biological Matter

The workshop will bring together young and experienced scientists in the nordic region with a shared interest in soft materials consisting of synthetic and biological components, and scattering techniques based on light, X-rays or neutrons.

The  "Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft & Biological Matter” meeting (NWSBM) will be held at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo the 12-13th of January 2017. Following the tradition of the previous 13 successful NWSM meetings, it will  be a lunch-to-lunch meeting starting on the 12th of January. 

The meeting will be supported by the Joint Nordic Neutron Program of NordForsk as a part of the activities of the new research network "Soft and Biological materials”. We will also have a smaller network planning meeting after lunch the 13th of January starting at 14:15.

Invited Speakers

Yuri Gerelli (PSCM/ILL, FR)

Hanna Wacklin (ESS, SE)

Martin Trebbin (Univ. Hamburg, DE) 

Ann Terry (MAXIV, SE)

Esko Oskanen (ESS, SE)

Vitaliy Pipich (FZ-J/MLZ, DE)

Malin Zackrisson (Lund Uni. SE)

Ilja Gunkel (Uni Fribourg, CH)


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We recommend Hotel Thon Gyldenløve, which is within convenient walking distance or a single stop on the metro from the University of Oslo. Rooms can be booked at a reduced UiO rate.

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Other hotel options a little bit further away downtown are:

  • Scandic Holberg Hotel
  • HTL Hotels Grensen
Tags: Soft Matter, Biological Materials, Neutron Scattering, X-ray scattering
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