Minisymposium: Structural Microbiology and Host-Pathogen Interactions

Illustration: Annabelle Varrot

The Symposium is taking place at Helga Engs Hus, auditorium 2.


9:15      Welcome by Ute Krengel

9:20      Short BIOCAT presentation by Hedda Johannesen

9:30      Thilo Stehle (University of Tübingen): “Structural Studies of Viruses and Opportunities for Targeted Interference”

10:25    Jacomina Krijnse-Locker (Institut Pasteur): “Virus Assembly by Electron Microscopy, From Cell to Molecules and Back”

11:20    Coffee Break

11:45    Julia Chamot-Rooke (Institut Pasteur): “Mass Spectrometry and Electron Microscopy: A Beautiful Friendship”


Location: Helga Engs house, Aud. 2



Ute Krengel, BioCat
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