Helga Eng Auditorium 3 Wednesday 21.06 Hr.13:30

Persistent Organic  Pollutants and Waste Cycling

Diane Purchase

Contaminant Issues in the Waste Stream - Keynote presentation abstract (Keynote)



Therese Haugdahl Nøst, Torkjel Manning Sandanger, Evert Nieboer,  Jon Øyvind Odland,  Knut Breivik

Delayed emissions of pOps from transboundary waste streams may cause spatially and temporally divergent monitoring trends



Annekatrin  Dreyer,  Frank Neugebauer, Nina Lohmann, Jan  Konschorreck

Dechlorane Plus  (DP) and brominated flame retardants (BFR) in leave samples of coniferous and deciduous trees of the German Environment Specimen bank


Pawel  Rostkowski, Martin Schlabach, Hans  Gundersen, Dorte Herzke,  Anders  ruus, Torgeir Nygård

Monitoring of bisphenol A and its analogues in environmental samples from Norway



Henri Kylin, Hindrik Bouwman

Pentachloroanisole is not a functional proxy for pentachlorophenol in the environment


Elisabeth Nyberg, Anders  Bignert, Sara Danielsson, Anna-Lena Egebäck, Caroline  Ek, Ulla Eriksson

Monitoring of pCBs in Swedish aquatic biota and human milk, 1969-2014



M. Glória Pereira, John  Crosse, Lee Walker, Elaine Potter,  Richard  Shore

Comparison of long term temporal trends of pCBs and pBDE in uK gannet (Morus bassanus) eggs



Golnoush Abbasi,  Li Li, Knut Breivik

Global and historical emission inventory of BDE-209


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