EUTROPIA Mid-Term Conference

Impact assessments of changes in environmental pressures require improved system and process understanding to reach the knowledge level needed for sustainable water resource management as well as meeting future demands from EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). Both conventional and WFD resource management require a catchment-oriented approach to integrate processes. Furthermore, political feasibility of abatement actions and policy options need to be assessed. Considerable resources are spent over the past 10 years on abatement actions along the Morsa watercourse. Climate change and reduction in acid rain has significantly disguised the effect of these measures. Without these environmental changes the effect of the abatement actions would likely have been greater. Sub-optimum abatement actions are now needed in order to reach the water quality goals in Vansjø. Knowledge of how environmental pressures govern the eutrophication is important in order to achieve consensus for these actions


Spring snowmelt in Augerød


09:00 – 09:15                      Welcome

09:15 – 09:30                      Project introduction Professor Rolf D. Vogt (UiO-Chemistry)


09:30 – 12:15                      Presentations by work package leaders

09:30      Advances in phosphorous analysis– Senior Researcher Oddvar Røyset (NIVA)

10:00      Pressures and their mechanisms governing loading of P fractions to surface waters – Professor Rolf D. Vogt (UiO-Chemistry)

10:30      Calibration and validation of complex models: improving Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation by differential evolution adaptive Metropolis algorithms – Researcher Tuomo Saloranta (NVE) 


11:00 – 11:15                      Coffee/Tea


11:15      Linking catchment simulation models using Bayesian belief network - challenges and way forward – Senior Researcher David Barton (NINA)

11:45      Preliminary findings on society’s response – Senior Researcher Geir Orderud  (NIBR)


12:15 – 13:00                      Lunch


13:00 – 14:00                      Presentations of PhD projects


13:00     Modeling agricultural Best Management Practices with SWAT – PhD student Alexander Engebretsen, (UIO-Chemistry)

13:20     Simulating limnological responces to various runoff scenarios using MyLake – PhD student Koji Tominaga (UiO-Biology)

13:40     Role and fate dissolved natural organic matter – PhD student Christian W. Mohr (UiO-Chemistry)


14:00 – 14:15                      Coffee/Tea


14:15 – 15:00                      Keynote speech: Using policy impact predictions of integrated modeling in land and water management – lessons learned
                                           – Prof. S. Kukka,    University of Helsinki                                                

15:00 – 15:30                      Where to go from here – Director Helga Gunnarsdottir (The Morsa River Basin organization)

Tags: Eutrophication, Interdiciplinary, Environmental Chemistry
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