Som metals, the transition metals in particular, may catalyse redox-reaction. During the catalytic cycle the metal is first oxidised and then reduced.

Metal catalysts are the industrially most important group of catalysts today. The metal is usually dispersed as 3-20 nanometer particles on the surface of a porous oxide (the "support"). The support material fixes the metal particles to the surface so that most of the metal is available for incomeing reagent gases and liquids.

Figur 1. The surface of a close-packed metal

For more information about the metal/support catalysis activities at UiO, please see the Norwegian pages.

If you are interested in the catalysis part of this research, contact: Prof. Unni Olsbye.

If you are interested in the materials part of this research, contact: Prof. Anja O. Sjåstad.

We recommend this tutorial review if you wish to learn more about metal/support catalysis.


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