IT group - service level

The IT group at the Dept of Chemistry is employed with two full-year-equivalents. This implies that there are certain jobs we do, and other jobs we have to give low priority or simply not do at all.

Service on PC clients on our wired network

PC clients - hardware

As a rule we only handle PC's that are in compliance with USIT's list of accepted models.

PC's of other models will normally not be serviced, and if serviced, we have to give it low priority and have it with us for several days.

PC clients - Operating systems

Windows (7 for 64 bit and Vista for 32 bit), Linux (RHEL 5.0 and 6.0) and Mac OSX (10.5 and 10.6)

PC clients – Software installations

- Standard setup: We provide a standard package of SW based on central license agreements at USIT (for all UiO employees).

- Non-standard SW: For other types of SW, the user will be given administrator rights, and take the necessary steps to get it installed. Normally this implies a request to USIT for access to the SW. The installation is then handled by yourself.

PC clients – General maintenance

- Worn out equipment: Old PC equipment that is to be thrown away can be dumped in our container for electronic waste. It is located in the hallway into the Dept of Physics from our back yard. Be sure to hand us the inventory sticker of the equipment.

- Virus attack, SW malfunction or change of PC user: Normally such requests will be met with at demand for reinstallation of the operating system.

- SW update: Normally done by the user.

Service on PC clients on wireless network

- As a rule any type of PC with any type of operating system is allowed on our wireless network. You only need to set it up with the proper security keys.

- As a rule, no service will be given to PC's on the wireless network unless it is registered in our systems.

Home PC's

- Home PC's bought through UiO to be set up at an agreed upon home office will be given an initial installation of USIT's home PC image.

- No maintenance will be given to any home PC or situation beside the above.


- Wired network, outlet: We provide 100Mb/s at the wall outlets.

- Wired network Mini switches: In rooms with more than one PC that needs network access, the IT group provides you with a mini-switch.

- Wireless network coverage: Our aim is to cover 80% of our area with adequate wireless signals within 2011.

All use of private and non-registered IT equipment on the wired network is strictly prohibited!

Servers and storage

  • Server storage for your data is handled at central servers at USIT.
  • We have two servers in our server room, which is for use by the owners only, or by those with special needs for running specific programs locally.
  • Your personal data is stored by the NetAPP-applcation at your M-area. This this should not exceed 20GB.
  • Storage needs beyond this is available through USITS storage hotels. Contact us for details. Also externally, for larger storage needs, you can apply at



  • Unblock blocked printer queues due to malfunctioning files.
  • We have around 12 printers defined as common printers to be used by all, and to which we provide toners/ink, paper and maintenance parts.
  • Refill of paper/ink and changing maintenance kit is handled by local appointed resources, and not by the IT group.


  • The IT group encourages you to contact us when purchasing new equipment to ensure compliance to USIT standards.
  • The user carries out the purchase of standard PC equipment through the department Purchaser. The IT group will handle the big common purchases twice yearly, and other purchases of special equipment.



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