International GlycoSymposium

The symposium is open to all. Organized by GlycoNor, and sponsored by  NBS, MLS and the Department of Chemistry


10:15  Welcome by Ute Krengel

10:20  Lena Kjellén (Uppsala University): “No life without heparan sulfate”

10:55 Charlotte B. Jendresen (UiO): "Heparan sulfate degradation reduces amyloid deposition in Alzheimer disease mouse models"

11:10 Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad (NMBU): "Recent insights into the structure and function of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases" 

11:25  Coffee break

11:55  Annabelle Varrot (Cermav, Grenoble): “Fungal lectins: therapeutical targets and potential applications”

12:30 Julie E. Heggelund (UiO): "Blood group oligosaccharide binding to cholera toxin revealed by X-ray crystallography"

12:45 Luisa Ströh (University of Tübingen): "Structural and functional analysis of glycan receptor engagement by Trichodysplasia spinulosa-associated polyomavirus" 

13:00  Lunch break

14:00  Peter Seeberger (MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam): “The Logic of Automated Glycan Assembly”. Abstract.

15:00  Ten Feizi (Imperial College London):“The NGL-based glycan arrays in their second decade - Highlights”

15:35  Coffee break

15:50  Rob Woods (University of Georgia, Athens, USA): “A role for underlying glycan structure in influenza  binding: extending the species specificity paradigm”

16:25  Markus Aebi (ETH Zurich): “The making of N-glycoproteins”

17:00  End (followed by Poster Session at Department of Chemistry)


Note: The Lecture by Peter Seeberger is a part of the "Hassel Lecture".


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