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Our vision:

Rational design of new and improved catalysts based on fundamental mechanistic insights

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About the section

The section comprises of scientists with quite different fields of expertise, each contributing to approach our common research vision.

The section focuses on

  • metal organic synthesis and characterization, aiming at developing new homogeneous catalysts
  • heterogenisation of metal organic complexes and building new microporous structures (MOF and zeotype materials)
  • mechanistic insight through experimental and theoretical studies of homogeneous and heterogeneous processes


The section coordinates the National Centre for Research-based Innovation: "Innovative natural gas processes and products", inGAP.

Catalysis is a research field which includes most aspects of chemistry. An extensive collaboration with experts in related fields is therefore mandatory to pursue our research vision.

Most of the section's research activities are organized under the Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN). The section has, together with the section  for Inorganic materials chemistry and SINTEF Process Chemistry, established the local CATMAT Gemini Centre on Catalytic Materials and Adsorbents. The section further has an active international collaboration.


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