Climate change and ecosystems management in Malawi and Tanzania

Due to the effects of climate change and population growth, the Zambezi River Basin (ZRB) is facing an increased risk of water shortage. An understanding of the hydro-biogeochemical processes that govern the ground - and surface water resources is therefore key to achieve a sustainable management of the ecosystems residing within the ZRB. Unfortunately, shortfalls of human and institutional capacity threatens the current and future status of ZRB.  


NORHED aims therefore to address the capacity shortfalls using both natural science and social science in a blend to understand the state of ZRB, the effects of climate change, and human activities in the ZRB region in Malawi and Tanzania


To strengthen research capacity and capabilities in institutions in Malawi and Tanzania to carry out impactful research that leads to positive policy/practice change for sustainable management of fragile ecosystems, vulnerable to climate change and local anthropogenic activities and to ensure that this capacity is propagated even after the project.


To meet the main objective of the project, specific objectives have been developed;

  1. To strengthen research technical and management skills for sustained and propagated research capacity within partner institutions after the end of the project
  2. To develop and implement north-south-south and south-south collaborative research and education programs that advance knowledge and identify solutions to threats of security of water resources and ecosystem services in partner countries.
  3. To produce a cadre of early career researchers (ECRs) that are capable of leading and shaping the direction of future research in this field.
  4. To ensure impactful research that influences policy/practice through engagement with stakeholders and policy makers at regional, national, and local levels.
  5. To generate scientific knowledge of the state of the environment and the expected impacts of climate change and local anthropogenic activities on hydro-biogeochemical processes governing the amount and quality of water resources in fragile ecosystems and the associated socio-economic consequences in Malawi and Tanzania



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