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Academic Interests

Direct Methane to Methanol (DMTM) Conversion

My current work focuses on developing a new type of enzyme-inspired catalyst, aiming at efficient, selective DMTM conversion.


Another activity is to develop and modify novel semiconductors for photoelectrodes that have broad light absorption spectra, high energy conversion efficiencies, long operation hours and good economical viabilities. We are also interested in the development of a solid-state photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell for water splitting and fuel production, e.g. the production of Hand formates from the reduction of Hand CO2, respectively. Further development of this solid-state PEC cell will be the integration of biocatalytic enzymes, e.g. FDH, to catalyze the fuel production and reduce the cost as well.

A schematic of the solid-state PEC cell with photosensitive nanotubes as the photoelectrode



Ph.D. candidate, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, 10.2016-05.2020

M.Sc. in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, 08.2014-06.2016

B.Ch. E., Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology, China, 08.2008-07.2012


Patent Engineer, Weizheng intellectual property agency Co., Ltd., China, 2013-2014

Water treatment engineer, Wanhua Chemistry Co., Ltd., China, 2012-2013


SINTEF Materilas and Chemistry, Oslo

Oslo University Hospital

UCL (University College London)

Emneord: SMN, Electrochemistry, Catalysis
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