Cancelled and moved master’s courses autumn 2021

For the autumn semester of 2021 several of our master’s courses and higher level bachelor’s courses are unfortunately being cancelled or moved to a different semester.


The following courses have been cancelled and will not be offered during the autumn semester of 2021:

KJM5600/9600 – Quantum Chemistry

KJM5330/9330 – Soft Matter Nanobiotechnology

KJM3070/4070 – Biogeochemistry


In addition, the following courses have been moved from the autumn semester of 2021 to the spring semester of 2022:

MENA3200 – Energy materials

KJM-MENA 5110/9110 – Inorganic Structure Chemistry


Finally, the following courses will only be offered only during even numbered years, and are therefore not offered during the autumn semester of 2021:

KJM5210/9210 – Organometallic Chemistry

KJM5220/9220 – Heterocyclic Chemistry


All students with any of these courses in their study plan for the autumn of 2021 have been notified by the administration. If you were intending to attend any of these courses and have not been contacted by the administration, please get in touch so that your study plan can be amended.


Please note that it is possible to take up to 10 credits of a master’s degree as self-study for students that require whole or parts of these subjects for their master’s degree. Speak with your supervisor about organising an exam if this is the case for you. 


It is still possible to sign up for make-up examinations in some of these courses, provided that all course- and lab-work has been approved. Unfortunately, KJM5330/9330 requires lab work to be completed the same semester as the exam, and it is therefore not possible to sign up for a make-up exam in this subject. It is not possible to sign up for make-up examinations for courses only offered during even numbered years.

Publisert 25. juni 2021 10:30 - Sist endret 25. juni 2021 10:30