Program third semester, autumn term 2022

There will be three days of classes, all mandatory, during the third semester of the master studies. The main goal this semester is ...

Mandatory seminars

The seminars are mandatory. If you have classes in other courses, please attend the seminar for as long as you can, and notify Tone about which course you need to attend (sign and write on the list).

Seminar no. Theme Date Time Place Teacher

Anatomy of the scientific writing

  • The scientific report & article
  • Decoding the IMRAD structure
  • Discussion (IGP): Reading article(s) – capture meaning
  • All scientific claims must be tied down to documentation. When/how/why to use references?
29/9 14.15 - 16.00 Auditorium 3 Tone Gadmar and Stian Kogler

Getting the news out there: The world of scientific publication

  • Theory: Scientific articles, journals & the publication process
  • Discussion (IGP): Peer-review; giving/recieving critique

The bigger picture in science

  • Theory: Metastudy. Building/testing paradigmes
  • Knowledge production: Dataset, statistics, significans and truth
  • Discussion (IGP): Communicating complicated truths?
27/10 14.15 - 16.00 Auditorium 3 Tone Gadmar and Stian Kogler

‘Ethics in science and scientific integrity’

  • Theory: Scientific fraud; “10 mortal sins of science”

  • Discussion (IGP): Professionalism. Whistle-blower The importance of storing documentation

17/11 14.15 - 16.00 Auditorium 3 Tone Gadmar and Stian Kogler



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