Program second semester, spring term

The seminar consists of three full days of classes, during the spring semester. 

Mandatory seminars

The seminars are mandatory. If you have classes in other courses, please attend the seminar for as long as you can, and notify Tone about which course you need to attend (sign and write on the list).

Seminar no. Theme Date Time Place Teacher

Exploring the scientific world

  • Theory: Planned search, critical source review (repeat)
  • Discussion (IGP): How do we find the best sources?
  • Practical (hands-on) - Introduction to three big databases: "Web of Science", "SciFinder", "Scopus".
3/2 14:15-16:00 Digital via zoom. See canvas-room for the zoom-link. Tone Gadmar

So you’re going to a conference...

  • Pep-talk "Presenting your science"
  • "Magic poster hour"
  • Abstract
  • "My presentation AB123C" (folder)
  • Presentation technique
  • Peer review


14:15-16:00 Seminarrom Gleditsch Heidi Sjursen Konstabo, Karoline Moe  and Tone Gadmar 

Story of a paper



17:15- 19:00 Digital via Zoom Ann Lin
Tone Gadmar and Steven Wilson

    Voluntary workshops

    Workshop no. Theme Date Time Place Teacher
    4 Search and find + Q&A 4/2 10:15-12:00 Seminarrom Gleditsch Tone Gadmar
    5 Reference management tool 1/4 10:15-12:00 Seminarrom Gleditsch Tone Gadmar
    6 Mapping your own skills 



    10:15-12:00 Seminarrom Gleditsch

    The Career Services at the University of Oslo and Tone Gadmar




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