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Educational development

Educational development encompasses everything from the small steps we make every day to more major changes in courses. It is also about how we can build a sharing culture where we learn from each other, exchange ideas and find support in research literature on learning and teaching. At all times, students' learning should be at the center.

Teaching support

Here you will find resources that help you plan your course and plan the actual teaching. In addition, you will find information about and for group teachers and how you can work with generic skills in students. The goal is, as always, that "as many as possible should learn as much as possible".

Teaching culture

We have several events and initiatives that will help in building a good teaching culture where we as a  college can develop the teaching at MN. On this page you will find out more about the various measures such as Real Teaching and how to build a good teaching portfolio.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Educational development at UiO is based on the SoTL principles:

  • Students' learning in focus
  • Reflection on own practice and development over time
  • A research-based approach
  • Sharing knowledge in a collegiate community


Watch videos and get inspired by your colleagues. See how they connect learning goals, assessment and different activities so that the teaching is coherent in a good way.


Professor Lasse Clausen uses a modified flipped classroom to teach navigation systems.

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Associate Professor Kristin Shaw uses card games and polls to teach mathematical problem solving.

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Professor Joe Lacasce uses modelling and interactive seminars to teach the basic principles of geoscience.

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Associate Professor Eili Tranheim Kase uses podcasts and Mentimeters to teach pharmacological principles and basic physiology.

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Professor David Mota uses images and videos to engage students to learning about astronomy.

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Associate Professor Melinka Butenko uses alias-games and short writing exercises to teach plant physiology.

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Professor Steven Ray Wilson uses laboratory experiments to teach analytical skills to chemistry students.

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University lecturer Siri Annethe Moe Jensen and professor Geir Kjetil Sandve use a sequence of carefully planned lectures, computer lab and seminars to teach object-oriented programming.

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Researcher Anja Røyne encourages students to discuss energy and sustainable resource management with a quantitative approach.

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Generic skills

Watch video interviews on how to work on different generic skills.

Academic writing

Head of Section at Library of Medicine and Science, Jessica Lönn-Stensrud, teaches students how to read, evaluate and cite relevant academic sources.

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Science communication

PhD candidates Katharina Vestre og Julie Sørlie Paus-Knudsen use postIT-notes, close reading, and peer feedback to teach science communication.

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