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Develop your teaching

Developing as a teacher requires time and effort. Here you can find inspiration and support to develop your teaching and supervision. 


Course planning

Step-by-step course planning using backwards design. Examples of course planning at the MN Faculty.

Course pages

Instructions and advice to revise the course pages. Focus on verbs for learning and clear learning outcomes.

Teachable Unit Design

Teachable unit design will guide your planning and help you develop as a teacher.

Learning assistants

How to train learning assistants and include them in your teaching team. Pedagogical input for weekly meetings.

Learning environment

Here is how you can contribute to an inclusive and respectful learning environment for all students and employees.

Teaching portfolio

A teaching portfolio documents your experience and development as a teacher, and is relevant for employment and promotion at UiO.

MN's pedagogical development conference

Every year, more people at MN carry out pedagogical development projects either in connection with LINK's course in local pedagogical development work (50-h) or through study quality funds. With the SoTL principles, there has been an increased focus on contributing to a collegial practice and sharing across, also around teaching. At MN's pedagogical development conference, MN wants to facilitate that the great initiatives are also shared and can contribute to a collegial practice (carried out in English).

Video interviews – teaching at the MN-faculty

Watch and learn from your colleagues. Go to Course planning to get started.    

Get in touch

Let us know about your teaching!


Associate Professor Lasse Clausen uses a modified flipped classroom to teach navigation systems.

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Associate Professor Kristin Shaw uses card games and polls to teach mathematical problem solving.

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Professor Joe Lacasce uses modelling and interactive seminars to teach the basic principles of geoscience.

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Associate Professor Eili Tranheim Kase uses podcasts and interactive seminars to teach pharmacological principles and basic physiology.

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Professor David Mota uses images and videos to engage students to learning about astronomy.

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Associate Professor Melinka Butenko uses alias-games and short writing exercises to teach plant physiology.

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Professor Steven Ray Wilson uses laboratory experiments to teach analytical skills to chemistry students.

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University lecturer Siri Annethe Moe Jensen and professor Geir Kjetil Sandve use a sequence of carefully planned lectures, computer lab and seminars to teach object-oriented programming.

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Researcher Anja Røyne encourages students to discuss energy and sustainable resource management with a quantitative approach.

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Academic writing

Head of section at the Library of medicine and science, Jessica Lönn-Stensrud, teaches students how to read, evaluate and cite relevant academic sources.

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Science communication

PhD-candidates Katharina Vestre and Julie Sørlie Paus-Knudsen use postIT-notes, close reading, and peer feedback to teach science communication.

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Scholarship of teaching and learning

Educational development at UiO is important for hiring, promotion, and teaching merits, and should be based on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) principles:

  • The students' learning in focus
  • Reflection and development over time
  • A research-based approach
  • Sharing knowledge in a community

Scientific Teaching-seminar

Together with the local communities, we provide workshops and support.