Teaching portfolios at the MN Faculty

A teaching portfolio documents your experience and development as a teacher, and is relevant for employment and promotion at UiO. 

Personal document

As teachers at MN, you have different experiences with teaching, which reflects that the teaching portfolios are very different. A teaching portfolio can be used as a work folder or a presentation folder. The criteria change based on whether the purposes are employment, promotion or merit, or personal development. As a work folder, a teaching portfolio can be a good support for developing the teaching and oneself as a teacher. A teaching portfolio should represent real practice.

The teaching portfolio should include the following elements:

  • A CV focusing on your educational competence
  • Documentation of the educational projects and initiatives described
  • Personal reflections on your role as a teacher, as well as discussion and justification for your choices in the planning, implementation and development of teaching and supervision

The teaching portfolio should be based on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) principles:

  • The students' learning in focus
  • Reflection and development over time
  • A research-based approach
  • Sharing knowledge in a community

At the MN Faculty, some relevant topics are:

  • using student-centred learning activities
  • building a supportive and engaging learning environment
  • using learning assistants and developing teaching teams
  • integrating skills in writing and programming in courses 

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