MN's Summer Institute

In close collaboration with Michigan State University, we are happy to give faculty from UiO and other universities in Norway the opportunity to attend a four days intensive workshop in state-of-the-art scientific teaching in context. In 2019 we focus on integrating computation in undergraduate physics.

Course content

This course gives a theoretical and practical introduction to scientific teaching based on the principles of active learning. This year we will focus on integrating computation in undergraduate physics. 

What will I learn from attending a Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching with computing?

The Summer Institute curriculum enables participants to answer the following questions:

  • What is scientific teaching? What are some challenges I might need to address in implementing scientific teaching strategies?
  • How can I integrate computation in my undergraduate physics course? 
  • What modes of assessment can I use to promote student learning and inform instruction?

What will I do at a Summer Institute?

  • Engage in teaching and learning through sessions that model scientific teaching, use of supporting evidence from the literature, and inclusive teaching.
  • Work in a small group with peers, along with trained facilitators, to develop instructional materials with integrated computations.  
  • Design and adapt instructional materials with clearly defined learning goals that integrate themes of active learning and assessment.

Find out more on what you can expect from Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching with computing.


The course consists of an intensive four day workshop on evidence-based teaching lead by instructors from the Summer Institutes. You will be working in small groups and you will work on your own preferred course.

UiO welcomes three facilitators from PICUP with extensive experience in running Summer Institutes on scientific teaching with computing. 

Who may attend?

Academic staff teaching undergraduate physics or mechanics are welcome to join. We encourage each institution to participate with several faculty in order to foster collegial development.

The Summer Institute is financed by CCSE (Center for Computing in Science Education). Registration is therefore free of charge. You will receive lunch all four days. 

Due to a limited number of places, we ask that you register as soon as possible. The registration closes on the 8th of May. If you are accepted for the course, you will receive a confirmation e-mail,  

Please note that you should be able to attend the full four days in order to register for this course.

Course Certificate

When you have completed the four day course you will receive a Course Certificate from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. This is documentation for your work on educational and teaching development which may form part of your educational portfolio.


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