Persons tagged with «Mechanics»

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Picture of Andreas  Carlson Carlson, Andreas Professor Mechanics, Fluid mechanics; Biophysics; Complex fluids; Computational mechanics
Picture of Bjørn Gjevik Gjevik, Bjørn Professor emeritus Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Karsten Trulsen Trulsen, Karsten Professor +47 22855833 +47-41322402 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, nonlinear waves, freak waves
Picture of John Grue Grue, John Professor +47 22855839 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Energy
Picture of Jostein Hellesland Hellesland, Jostein +47 9963 0271 Mechanics, Solid mechanics
Picture of Geir Kleivstul Pedersen Pedersen, Geir Kleivstul Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Kristian Sveen Sveen, Kristian Associate Professor Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Arnold Ferdinand Bertelsen Bertelsen, Arnold Ferdinand Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics
Picture of Atle Jensen Jensen, Atle Professor +47 22855841 +47 92462282 Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, water waves, multiphase flow, PIV, PTV
Picture of Christian Pedersen Pedersen, Christian Postdoctoral Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Anna Piterskaya Piterskaya, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Annette Marie Capucine Cazaubiel Cazaubiel, Annette Marie Capucine Postdoctoral Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Boxue Zheng Zheng, Boxue Doctoral Research Fellow 41386869 Mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Wetting
Picture of Lars Willas Dreyer Dreyer, Lars Willas 46934744 Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Hydrodynamics
Picture of Yiyi Whitchelo Whitchelo, Yiyi Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Alexandra Honorine Emilie Vallet Vallet, Alexandra Honorine Emilie Researcher Mechanics, fluid dynamics, finite-elements, poroelasticity, brain aging, dementia, France
Picture of Torstein Sæter Sæter, Torstein Doctoral Research Fellow Fluid mechanics, Mechanics
Picture of Stephane Albert Jules Poulain Poulain, Stephane Albert Jules Researcher Fluid dynamics, Interfacial flows, Mechanics
Picture of Olav Gundersen Gundersen, Olav Senior Engineer +47 22855981 Mechanics
Picture of Mikael Mortensen Mortensen, Mikael Professor +47 22855866 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent combustion, Turbulent mixing
Picture of Tak Shing Chan Chan, Tak Shing Researcher Mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Wetting