Persons tagged with «Machine learning»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ingrid Kristine Glad Glad, Ingrid Kristine Professor +47 22855879 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics, Machine Learning
Picture of Martin Hornkjøl Hornkjøl, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow Partial Differential Equations, Machine Learning, Mathematical modeling
Picture of Vera Haugen Kvisgaard Kvisgaard, Vera Haugen Doctoral Research Fellow Statistics, Machine learning
Picture of Timo Lohrmann Lohrmann, Timo Doctoral Research Fellow Statistics, Machine Learning, theoretical particle physics
Picture of Claudio Meggio Meggio, Claudio Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, boosting, Data Science, Supervised Learning
Picture of Alise Danielle Midtfjord Midtfjord, Alise Danielle Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93427423 Risk, Statistics, Machine Learning, data science
Picture of Johan Pensar Pensar, Johan Associate Professor Statistics, data science, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning
Picture of Emel Savku Savku, Emel Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic Optimal Control, Machine Learning, Finance
Picture of Natalia Sirotko-Sibirskaya Sirotko-Sibirskaya, Natalia Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic optimal control, Renewable energy, Machine learning, Computational statistics, Nonlinear time series, Time series analysis in the frequency domain, Bootstrap, Inverse problems, Statistical modelling
Picture of Johan Sokrates Wind Wind, Johan Sokrates Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, deep learning, neural networks, compressed sensing, machine learning, Computational Mathematics
Picture of Bastian Zapf Zapf, Bastian Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, Partial Differential Equations, neurobiological modelling