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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Bjørn Skauli Skauli, Bjørn Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Picture of Arne Bernhard Sletsjøe Sletsjøe, Arne Bernhard Associate Professor +47-22855902 Algebra and algebraic geometry, Mathematics
Picture of Nicolai Stammeier Stammeier, Nicolai Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855821 Mathematics, Operator algebras, Germany, Denmark, Nordic, Australia, Italy
Picture of Erling Størmer Størmer, Erling Professor Emeritus 228 55880 Operator algebras, Mathematics
Picture of Adam Peder Wie Sørensen Sørensen, Adam Peder Wie Mathematics, Operator algebras, USA, Nordic, Australia
Picture of Tuyen Trung Truong Truong, Tuyen Trung Associate Professor +47-22855932 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, Dynamical Systems, Algebraic Geometry, Applications
Picture of Franziska Weber Weber, Franziska Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations
Picture of Ragnar Winther Winther, Ragnar Professor +47-22855935 Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, China, USA
Picture of Erlend Fornæss Wold Wold, Erlend Fornæss Professor +47-22855915 USA, Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, China, Brazil
Picture of Makoto Yamashita Yamashita, Makoto Associate Professor +47-22855831 Mathematics, Operator algebras, Quantum groups, Noncommutative geometry, Belgium
Picture of Bernt Øksendal Øksendal, Bernt Professor Emeritus +47-22855913 Mathematics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk, Global South
Picture of Paul Arne Østvær Østvær, Paul Arne Professor +47-22855912 Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Picture of  Nils Øvrelid Øvrelid, Nils 228 55893 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables
Picture of Stål Aanderaa Aanderaa, Stål Professor emeritus 228 55889 Mathematics, Logic