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About me

I am a PhD student affiliated with the Topology and Geometry group at the Department of Mathematics here at UiO. My supervisor is John Rognes.

My PhD project deals with algebraic K-theory from the perspective of topological Hochschild homology. At the moment, I am trying to generalize the Tate spectral sequence to compact Lie groups. The hope is that such a spectral sequence might be used to analyze periodic topological cyclic homology, that is, the Tate construction on topological Hochschild homology using the entire action of the circle group. 

Research Interests

Algebraic Topology. Algebraic K-theory. Topological Hochschild homology. The Tate spectral sequence. Ring spectra. Category theory. Galois Theory.


M. Sc. in Mathematics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (joint degree with Stockholm University), 2016

B. Sc. in Engineering Physics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2013


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Tags: Mathematics, topology, Algebraic topology
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